Welcome to Memories Brought to Life’s download page. Here are some Complementary Holiday and Special Occasion downloads for you to add to your Memories and your personal LifeBook if you have already purchased one. If not, check it out at Living Legacy LifeBook, it makes it really easy to organize these and many other pages so you can capture the “Memories” and “Bring them to Life”!!It is designed to:

  • Help you uncover and recover priceless family stories, myths, and legends.
  • Add new pages to you or your elder’s Living Legacy LifeBook .

If you would like to DOWNLOAD any of our Complementary pages for use in our Living Legacy LifeBook or as a standalone page to capture a memory, all we ask is for you to enter your e-mail address. Once you have entered your NAME and E-MAIL address we will send you and e-mail confirmation that will take to directly to the page where you can download as many of the Complementary templates as you wish.

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